The largest most historic Banner edition ever published. Traveled to over 40 countries by the U.S.I.A. Published by the Chuck Levitan Gallery in 1976. Now available for purchase.

Exhibited at the Hirshhorn Museum 1976-1977

Traveled to over 40 countries by the U.S.I.A.

Toured the U.S.A. by the Smithsonian Institute.

In a signed limited Edition by twenty important American Artists.

Published by the Chuck Levitan Gallery in 1976.

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01Anuszkiewicz 02Will_Barnett 06Romare-Bearden 03Edward_Clark 04Pierre_Clerk
05Allan_DArcangelo 07Milton_Glacer 08Chaim_Gross 09Charles_Hinman 10Buffie_Johnson
11Karen_Katz 12William_King 13Lyman_Kipp 14Kiki_Kogelnik 15Nicholas_Krushenick
16Chuck_Levitan 17Marisol2 18Sylvia_Stone 19Todd_Williams 20Robert_Wiegand
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Bicentennial Banners are now available for purchase
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This most historic and artistically successful banner edition was produced in 1976 by the Chuck Levitan Gallery of New York. These stunning banners were created by twenty important American artists, including such luminaries as Marisol, Will Barnet, Romare Bearden, Chaim Gross and Milton Glaser. The Banners are a limited edition of one hundred signed and dated 1976 by the artists.

The Bicentennial Banners traveled around the world with the United States Information Agency to major critical acclaim. They were also exhibited at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. throughout the Bicentennial year and toured the country with the Smithsonian Institute.

The Bicentennial Banners are now available for purchase. Museums, corporate lobbies, public spaces such as airports and malls would be greatly enhanced by these colorful banners. Their historic value, striking imagery and artistic quality (some of these famous artistsâ most beautiful works) make the Bicentennial Banners Edition also a wise financial investment for the individual collector.

The banners are made of nylon applique, have the quality of silk and colors that are vibrant and alive. This truly historic limited edition would add to a museum's collection important American artists at a very affordable price. The banners may be purchased individually or a set. They come in two sizes, 45" x 63" and museum size 5' x 7'.

A Real Attention Getter

This historic and beautiful Banner Edition by some of the most important American Artists has drawn tremendous attention wherever the banners have been exhibited. In Russia, while traveling around the world with the U.S.I.A., the Banner Exhibition produced this incident and follow-up article on the front page of The New York Times, April 10, 1976:

Moscow, April 9th, Yesterday an American Bicentennial Banner Exhibition was closed early in retaliation for a revoked Soviet diplomat's visa. Some American officials thought inspired, perhaps in response to the overwhelming interest and long lines of Muscovites willing to stand for most of the day to get in. One by 5 am. Yesterday, two hours before the opening, that police cutoff the line, telling those who came later that they had no chance of getting it before closing. Also in Moscow the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs rather than show Milton Glaser's racy banner - a Nude with a Rash he informed the U.S. State Department that Mr. Glaser's banner had been banned...

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