Bicentennial Banners

14Kiki_Kogelnik KIKI KOGELNIK
Made in USA

Made in USA, obviously a deal with the American woman, and it is the woman that Kogelnik has chosen as the central Bicentennial theme for her banner. The fluid, cutout shapes on the dark red ground are very much in the style of the artist, who is known for her assemblages, collages and graphics, as well as for her painting. Born in Austria, Kogelnik is an American who keeps in touch with her native Vienna, showing both in Europe –where she recently had a retrospective exhibition at the Kunstlerhaus Klagenfurt in Austria- and in America. She has exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, in a touring show of the American Federation of Arts, at Finch College Museum in New York, and at galleries and museums here and Europe.

She was born in 1935; she studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and lives in New York, spending her summers in Austria.


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