Bicentennial Banners
12William_King WILLIAM KING

King’s banner is both a self-portrait and a strong protest against the manner in which the artist is viewed in American culture-as a second-class citizen, very much as other minorities have been seen in the past.  The term, Art Worker, and the social security number (King’s own) both express the society’s desire to dehumanize the artist; to make him into just another expendable producer of goods, a state to which the artist sees most Americans reduced in our excessively materialistic society.  King’s lighter side is more evident in the witty cut-out style sculpture for which he has been known since 1948, when a piece was shown in the Third International Sculpture Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  His work continues to be widely collected and exhibited, including a recent one-man show in New York’s Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.

He was born in 1925.

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