Bicentennial Banners
05Allan_DArcangelo ALLAN D'ARCANGELO

Grand Coulee

Grand Coulee is a valley in Washington State, through which the Columbia River flows around the Big Bend, turning from south to west, toward the Pacific. The valley of D’Arcangelo’s banner title is also a location of one of the great American technological feats, Grand Coulee Dam. The banner, like the artist’s paintings, uses patterns from the American map –the courses of rivers, boundaries, roads and highways. His paintings have been included in major collections throughout the world since his mural for the Transportation and Travel Pavilion at the New York World’s fair attracted attention in 1963. His works are in major collections abroad – the Nagaoka Museum of Contemporary Art in Japan, the Germeente Museum in Holland, the Spokje Museum of Modern Art in Yugoslavia and several German museums, as well as in major American museums.

He was born in Buffalo, New York in 1930, and studied at the University of Buffalo, completing his studies in Mexico.

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