Bicentennial Banners


Three-fifths Whole

Clark’s title refers to the fact that after the Civil War the black man’s vote in the South only counted as a three-fifths vote, implying that a black person was only “Three-fifths Whole”. His banner is very close to his paintings, which are characterized by wide, strongly textured bands of subtle color, interrupted by an oval form. The artist has been exhibiting his work since the fifties, when he was one of the earliest to exhibit on “Tenth Street”, the New York avant garde artists’ center of that time. He is also well known in Paris where he studied and where he exhibited at museums and galleries.  His recent shows include the 1973 Biennal of Painting at the Whitney Museum and the Academy of Arts and Letters annual show in 1974 in New York. 

Clark was born in New Orleans in 1926.  He attended the Art Institute of Chicago and L’Academie de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris.

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