Bicentennial Banners
08Chaim_Gross CHAIM GROSS

A vision of world peace, as well as peace in America, is expressed in Gross’ banner for the Bicentennial.  His sculpture has been on view in the United States since the thirties, when her was commissioned to create several public works for buildings of the U.S. Treasury Department.  Today, his sculpture is in many public and private collections, including many of the major American museums in the east and Midwest, and the Haifa, Tel Aviv, Ein Harod and Israel  (Jerusalem) museums in Israel.  He has received many awards for his work, and his works are the subjects of several books. 

Gross was born in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Austria in 1904 and he came to the states in 1921.  He studied at the Education Alliance School, the Beaux Arts Institute and the Arts Student League in New York City.  He died in 1991.

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