Chuck Levitan
Chuck Levitan was born on July 4th, 1942 in the Nation’s Capital.

A pioneer of Soho, he opened the Chuck Levitan Gallery in 1973, for 25 years, his landmark Gallery exhibited artists from around the world. The gallery also hosted concerts, plays, poetry and theatre.

Mr. Levitan won the prestigious First Place “CANNON PRIZE” in 1996 from the National Academy in New York City, for his portrait drawing of Artist Buffie Johnson.

In 1982, a portrait drawing he drew of Senator Hubert Humphry was unveiled at The Humphry Building and was attended by Joan Mondale, wife of the vice president and Richard Schweiker, secretary of Health and Human Services.

His 6’ x 10’ Lincoln Drawing Series, was published in the important textbook “Mendelowitzes Guide to Drawing” with illustrated master drawings.

Chuck Levitan, has had over twenty one-man shows and over 15 series, including Drawings on the Shroud of Turin and the Drawing series on Albert Einstein.

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